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Ventilation Solutions for Car Mechanics and Workshops

A&S Services are experts at providing ventilation solutions to prevent illness from breathing in harmful substances when on the job. Our solutions are perfect for car garages, depots, car parks and apprentice workshops within the Nottinghamshire area.

Create a safer working environment within your workshop or mechanic car garage.

When working in conditions where there are guaranteed to be fumes, smoke, dust and even gas which can be extremely damaging to employees health over time, this is why it's paramount to have a sufficient ventilation system to prevent illness and downtime.

Benefits of a vent system:

  • Preventing illness through the regulation of clean air in the building.
  • A&S Services work very closely with local councils and environmental health in order to ensure that the health and safety of the ventilation systems are at a high standard.
  • Fully compliant with legal requirements.
Extraction Arms Air Ventilation Solutions for workshop benches Airducts Nottingham A&S Services

Some of our recommended solutions...

Ventilation Duct Airducts Extraction Ventilation Service A&S Services Airducts Nottingham

Need a specific area of your building to extract air due to fumes, dust or smoke?

A Spot Ventilation system includes localised exhaust fans which work by quickly removing air pollutants directly from the source of the problem.

Or maybe you need to remove harmful pollutants above your work bench?

Extraction arms work by regulating fresh air where you work, quickly getting rid of any harmful substances to give you a better, healthier working environment.

Factory and Industrial Air Regulation Venting Solutions in Nottingham A&S Services

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