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Ventilation Solutions for Laboratories

A&S Services are specialists in providing ventilation extraction solutions for hygienic clean rooms and laboratories throughout the Nottinghamshire area. We cater our solutions to your specific requirements to ensure the system benefits you to the fullest.

Our systems are completely tailored to your needs to meet stringent safety standards.

We provide bespoke solutions for all types of laboratories, from - chemical, pharmaceutical, biological or medical to protect all employees working in a laboratory environment.

In laboratories, especially when it hazardous substances are handled, it's important to have a ventilation system which ultimately protects staff and environment.

Benefits of a vent system:

  • Contamination Control

    Preventing dangerous gases from being released into the lab or its surroundings. 

  • Regulating fresh air into the environment to provide a comfortable working atmosphere.
  • Helps omit dust, fumes, gas, pollen, mould and germs from the atmosphere.
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