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Extractor Arm Ventilation Solution by A&S Services

Extractor arms is a good ventilation extraction solution for businesses such as industrial and manufacturing companies, apprentice workshops and mechanics workspaces which need gases, fumes, pollen and other substances removed from their working environment from welding desks, workshop benches or specific areas.

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Why do you need an extraction arms?

An extraction arm works by sitting over a workbench or desk to specifically get rid of paint smells and fumes.

Hazardous substances such as welding fumes can pose a huge risk to the health and protection of employees when breathing in the contaminated air every day. Breathing in fumes and smoke can lead to very serious short-term or long-term health effects. Therefore it's imperative that a ventilation system is in place to regulate fresh air and flush out the pollutants and toxins.

Benefits of Extraction Arms

Due to the closeness of the extraction arms to the culprit of the fumes, smoke and substances - it's effective at extracting the harmful pollutants from the source, giving you a clean and healthy environment to work in whilst complying to safety standards.

A&S Services Airducts Nottingham Extraction Arms Ventilation Solution

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