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A&S Services offer extraction services for commercial premises

Is your workplace plagued by strong fumes, smoke, grease or fuel odours? We have a variety of extraction solutions which omits harmful substances to keep your environment healthy. Our solutions prevent illness and downtime caused by fire, exhaust fumes, smoke and dust.

Our Extraction Solutions are perfect for:

  • Industrial, Factories, Manufacturers and Workshops

    Such as brick manufacturers, wood workshops and welding workshops.

  • Commercial Kitchens

    In restaurants, care homes and student accommodation.

  • Car Workshops, Garages, Depots and Car Parks

    Where toxic fume levels are much higher.

  • Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres

A&S Services Airducts Nottingham Extraction Arms Ventilation Solution
Factory and Industrial Air Regulation Venting Solutions in Nottingham A&S Services

Do you need to extract dust, fumes, smoke or smells from a workspace efficiently?

Spot vent extraction systems increase the effectiveness of other ventilation strategies in place. It works by removing air pollutants, moisture, smells, fumes, dust and smoke at the root of the source. Spot Vent systems include two localised extraction fans.

Regulate fresh air above your work bench with Extraction Arms.

Put the health and wellbeing of your employees first by installing extraction arms. They're an effective solution for the removal of dust, smoke, fumes, fuel smells and strong paint smells.

Benefits of extraction arms:

  • Controls fumes and smells.
  • Increases Health & Safety.
  • One Year Warranty on Fans.
  • Greater levels of productivity due to the prevention of illness.
Ventilation Duct Airducts Extraction Ventilation Service A&S Services Airducts Nottingham

Prevent illness from strong, chemical fumes with an Exhaust Extraction system.

A&S Services provide exhaust extraction systems which can regulate clean air within the work environment of vehicle mechanics and garages. Reduce the risk of illness for your staff by putting in an extraction system to omit fumes and smoke.

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